Tripoli beta in development

Tripoli beta in development

Tripoli, a project about resetting and rebuilding HTML standards, quickly became very popular and buzzed when it was released in early August 2007. Since then it’s been a work in progress with some great help from others. After making some hard-core tests in the real world, it’s almost about time to release the Beta version.

The following new features will be held in the beta version of Tripoli, among others:

  • A disabled section, gently disabling deprecated HTML markup
  • Improved CSS code in general, meaning better IE support, less quirks and less specific.
  • Smaller file size and compact code – now only 5.5k
  • All screen CSS is now in one tripoli.css file for easier implementation
  • Useful notes in the IE CSS file about png images, transparency and such

Tripoli is different from other frameworks, because it doesn’t tell you how to code your web sites. Just plug it in, add a simple content class where you want your HTML content and you’re all set. The specificity is kept low so you can easily extend it with your own classes and layouts.

You can follow the beta development via the log file. You can also have a look into the development files tripoli.css, tripoli_ie.css and tripoli_print.css. There’s also a sample page and the W3C document selectors with Tripoli injected into it. Do not hesitate to contact me or make a comment in the blog if you have suggestions or comments about Tripoli.

As a side note, there is also a layout plug in progress, for one-line, cross-browser layout templates based on body classes. But that is not a part of the Tripoli core, just an interesting extension. The easiest way to stay informed until the official beta is released is to subscribe to our RSS feed. Stay tuned.