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About Monc

Monc is a design agency and development studio based in Sweden. We specialize in communication solutions for events, organizations, corporations and businesses all over the world.

We are proud to present some examples from our portfolio. The examples shown here are a small selection of projects featuring various clients during the last years.

What we do

Monc creates beautiful communication solutions for events, organizations, corporations and businesses all over the world. The core of our expertise lies in the unique combination of strong visual attraction and solid development. Read further for more details about our services or contact us for a talk.

Local marketing & graphic design

Graphic design and production of booklets, posters, ads, post cards, record sleeves or anything related to print design.

We do graphic design and production of a wide range of graphic and promotional products. Our areas of expertise include graphic design, art direction, concept development, color enhancements and post production. We work closely with fine printing facilities that are capable of delivering a high quality product.

Corporate identity & branding

We help you build a new strong corporate identity with logo concepts, colors and templates that fits your business.

Are you serious about your project or business? Have you ever thought about the advantages of having a strong identity and visual reference? We design logotypes and identity templates for organizations and corporations of any size. It could be anything from a small independent theater logo to a large scale global corporation. In any case we strive to provide an identity that fits well into the concept, is easy to adapt and can be passed on to future coworkers.

Web site design & redesign

The internet is a fast growing medium with strong levels of competition. To call yourself a success you need an attractive, fast loading, user oriented, modern web site built on the latest optimized technologies and finest hand craft.

Monc is well known for their web design work and has been awarded numerous times in the respected web standards community. We create beautiful, unique, fast loading, accessible websites designed with fine hand craft and the latest technologies.

All our designs comply to web standard recommendations set forth by the W3C and section 508. The design is entirely built upon Cascading Style Sheets, a modern and effective way of separating design from content that has many advantages compared to older and outdated techniques.

Using web standards, your website will be:

  • faster loading
  • optimized for search engines
  • easier to update
  • cheaper in bandwidth cost
  • prepared for flawless redesigns in the future
  • attractive in all modern browsers
  • accessible for people with disabilities or impaired vision
  • …and have many more great advantages.

Monc also runs a side-project, a website promoting, discussing and inspiring the web audience in the areas of web design and standards.

Web site development

Your web site should not be limited to a static information channel. We create user friendly web applications that makes administration, updates and maintainance easy.

Monc can help you build a custom made system that makes it possible for you to take full control of your online publications. There is no longer need for expensive webmasters who update every page manually. We can create an easy, understandable administration panel where you can not only update every section of your website yourself – you can also pass on the work of updating to fellow coworkers or partners. All content is backed up and archived in databases, ready to use in any future information environment. Technologies that we use are PHP, mySQL, RSS, CSS, XHTML, XML, perl and more.

We also provide cost-effective hosting and domain names for our web projects.

Read more about content management in our case study for planeta or contact us for a talk.

Web site optimization

Is your web site not working as intended? Do you need more targeted visitors and higher search engine ranking? We are experts in web site optimization and analysis, and would be delighted to share our knowledge and assist you in getting your web site on the right track.

Many websites on the internet have huge potential, but fails to reach their target audience because of outdated optimization techniques and old non-valid markup. Statistics show that many visitors only visit 1/5 or less of the web site because they are not properly guided. We know what it takes to make your web site stand out from the crowd and become a search engine favourite. We can also help you build an information architecture and navigation that makes sense.

We know the ins and outs of the internet world, contact us for a free analysis of your web site and how we can help you towards online success.

Awards & mentions

Monc is widely recognized in the web standards and design community. We have received several mentions and awards, here are some examples:

  • Web standards awards – Site of the month
  • Nervousroom – Site of the month
  • Wellvetted – Featured
  • CSS Zen Garden – Featured design
  • Plastic Pilots – 2 x awards
  • Lounge72
  • Pixelsurgeon
  • Ventilate
  • Swedezine
  • CSS Vault

Do you have a project where you need assistance? Ready to take the first step?

If you would like to see more, give feedback or work with us, use the contact form.