Panic releases coda grow beautiful code

Panic releases coda grow beautiful code

codaPanic, creator of Transmit and other delightful OS X software has released it’s new baby – Coda. Coda is a web development tool for coders, not a WYSIWYG editor, even though is has a handy preview tab (it uses the Safari engine). A first scan of the application makes it quite obvious that Coda has “borrowed” some features and interface details from the popular TextMate, wich is not a bad thing since TextMate is an all-time favourite text editor for Mac. Some other handy features are the built-in terminal, easy site publishing and an integrated FTP editor (bye bye Transmit).

One thing missing from most popular text editors like BBEdit, TextMate and the new member Coda is the possibility to customize shortcuts. Especially for all of us who don’t use American keybboards, the shortcut for indenting text using “[” and “]” is impossible and very annoying.

From the creators:

So, we code web sites by hand. And one day, it hit us: our web workflow was wonky. We’d have our text editor open, with Transmit open to save files to the server. We’d be previewing in Safari, running queries in Terminal, using a CSS editor, and reading references on the web. “This could be easier,” we realized. “And much cooler.”