CSSEdit 25 is out

CSSEdit 25 is out

Well, it seems like some people have been talking to some people. Almost the same day as Panic released Coda, MacRabbit released CSSEdit 2.5. The biggest news is the tabs, but there are more stuff to be happy about:

From the macrabbit blog

Tabs. Yes, this one may not come as a surprise anymore. However, I am sure you will be quite surprised once you try them out. Pictures simply don’t do them justice.

X-ray Inspector. This must absolutely be the most popular feature request of all time. Lo and behold, here it is: the X-ray inspector shows you what styles apply to the selected element in X-ray

Selector Builder. Selector what? This is a brand new innovation that should make life much, much easier for anyone starting out with CSS (or teaching it). Define your selectors in plain English, and it generates the necessary code for you.

Various improvements all over the application: a navigation bar in the Preview, a font picker, selector CodeSense, a text shadow editor, brand new shiny wonderful HUD inspectors, etc. Major changes everywhere!

Version 2.5 is free for all 2.x users and costs less than a pair of shoes for everyone else.