Traveling to Ios Greece

Disco 69 Ios GreeceTraveling to Greece can be very rewarding. The weather is is warm and dry during the summer, perfect for some relaxing days on the beach. The Greeks are known for there warm hospitality and they are always very friendly towards tourists.

You can find cheap flights to Greece from most European countries. Fly to Athens for a visit to this antique capital of the Mediterranean sea. Visit the historical sites. Athens is also great as a starting point for anyone going island hopping among the Greek islands. Take the bus straight from the airport to the port Pireus where most of the ferries depart for the many islands.

One of the islands that you can visit is Ios and it is located about 8 hours away with a regular ferry or 3 hours with a high speed boat. The nightlife of Ios Greece is legendary and you will not be disappointed if you come here to party!

Because Ios is well known for its nightlife and long white beaches. Many young tourists come here during June, July and August for an exiting vacation during a week or two. The island is more quiet during the rest of the year, perfect for a relaxing and peaceful vacation in the sun. This beautiful pearl in Mediterranean sea has something to offer to everyone who visits regardless of what you are seeking.

Ios Greece

Main SquareIos Greece has many bars and nightclubs to dance the night away in. Some does not close until 8 in the morning giving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself on the dance floor or drinking in the bar. You find many more bars on the island than you will have time to visit in one night. Do not miss the famous Slammer bar. Go ahead and try there typicality, Have a drink and get hit over the head with a hammer. Luckily you get to where a helmet. Flames bar is another very popular bar on Ios. Both is located right next to the main square of the old village, Try Rehab Bar for a more modern club or the classic Disco 69. If you think that they are to small then go to Sweet Irish Dream or Scorpion Club instead. They can be found on each end of the village at the main street. This is just a small slice of the nightlife in Ios Greece. You will find many more bars and clubs to visit in the night when you come here.

Blue NoteThe beaches of Ios are practically deserted until late in the afternoon since the bars and clubs close so late. This gives you the chance to have even the most popular beaches all to yourself for half the day if you do not go out the night before and arrive on the beach before noon. The best beach on Ios is called Mylopotas and is located close to the main village on the island. You can either walk to the beach. It takes about 15 min or you can take the local buss from the village to Mylopotas beach. There are also other beaches on the island worth visiting. Some are close to the village while others require some form of transportation to get to them. You find daily buses to Maganari wich is a long and beautiful beach at the south end of Ios island.