Galleria Demo 2


This is how the Galleria looks like. You can find more information about this excellent image gallery on this website. Look around and see if it suits your need for a JavaScript image gallery. You have many different image galleries to choose from on the web, this is only one of them but the one that I like and recommend. So it is up to you to decide if it is the right one for you or if you prefer to use one of the other ones. I have certainly not tried all of them so I can not say that this is the best one but it satisfies all of my needs when it comes to an image gallery.

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library created for fast and easy development across multiple environments. It is the perfect base for creating an image gallery like Galleria. But you do not have to do the coding yourself since this picture gallery already exist. Just download it and use it on your own projects.

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