This is my kitchen full of ingredients for digital cooking. Be sure to check out some of my recipes for a tasty webpage. You find them all listed bellow.

I hope that you find something in my kitchen that is to your liking. Feel free to satisfy your hunger from my cupboard of knowledge.

The kitchen will be filled with knowledge as the progress on this site continues. Like Michelangelo's David the aim for this site is perfection! Maybe the site wont be as famous as David but he is always present on this site! Regard David as the model for this site, always raising the bar to perfection. Thank you David for all you have done for this site!

Maybe you are interested in traveling? Well you can find the answer to how it is done on this site. Happy hunting for the answer!

It is my intent to give you something useful to read regardless of if you are interested in time traveling or in web design. Look around and see if you find something that you like on the site.

You will already find some guides to HTML4 on here and more guides to HTML5 is coming shortly. So stay tune for the latest news in web development.

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