Workin in Ios

Some visit Ios Greece for only a few days during their island hopping tour of the Greek islands. Others come for a full week or two and then there are the summer workers that come to Ios for the hole season. Staying in Ios for four, five months can be an experience of a lifetime. Many workers return year after year.

Working Ios GreeceThe money that you make working in Ios is not great but it is enough to survive. You do not come here to get rich but rather for the opportunity to spend the hole summer in paradise.

The most common type of work available on the island include bartenders, doormen, floor fillers, waitresses, and chefs. Expect to be working most days of the week with only occasional days off.

You will make lots of new friends working in Ios Greece. The community of working staff is tight and you will get to know everyone working on the island.

When should I arrive in Ios?

Most people looking for work in Ios arrive in May or early June. The earlier you get here the more you have to choose from. Visit the different bars, clubs and restaurants and ask present yourself. Most places has signs up that they are looking for staff. Hopefully you find a great place to work. You can also find work later in the season but the range of jobs available is more limited. But I have seen many people getting fired in the middle of the season and then finding new work within a few days. So also be warned that getting fired is easy in Ios if you do not take your job seriously.

Well if you do as the manager wants and delivers then you should not be worried. Be prepared for a great summer in Ios Greece with lots of fun and lots of memories to tell for the rest of your life.