Ios Greece

Ios Greece is the best party island in the Mediterranean Sea. Come here to have fun during the summer months of June, July and August. The island is known around the world for its crazy nightlife and people come here from all over the world. The island is very popular among young people from Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Australia and many other countries.

The Island is also perfect for a more relaxing holiday. The island is only overcrowded during the summer, the rest of the year is more peaceful and quiet but still as beautiful. So come here in the spring or fall for a tranquilizing vacation with breathtaking views on this Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

Lay on the beach all day and dance the night away in the narrow streets of this islands old Greek town. You will find plenty of bars to choose from on Ios. There is something fore everyone here. If you enjoy Rock music then visit Pegasus Rock Club. If you are in the mood to party with Scandinavian people then join the fun at Blue Note.

Workin in Ios

Some visit Ios Greece for only a few days during their island hopping tour of the Greek islands. Others come for a full week or two and then there are the summer workers that come to Ios for the hole season. Staying in Ios for four, five months can be an experience of a lifetime. Many workers return year after year.

We’re going to Ios Greece

We are dreaming about summer, about going to Greece and visiting the beautiful island Ios! It is located between Naxos and Santorini and easy accessible from these islands and from the mainland.

Ios Callback

Ios GreeceWe are just back from Ios Greece and we can report that this season is looking really good. Lots of tourists are invading the island and the nightlife on the island is already pumping with life.

So to sum it up. We had a great time on Ios this year as always. It is an amazing place, that keeps drawing us back year after year. Would I recommend that you visit Ios Greece? Yes and read more about traveling to the Rock here. Ios is amazing!

Hotels in Ios Greece

Hotel Ios GreeceAccommodations in Ios Greece are easy to find. You do not have to book in advance unless you plane to come at the very peek of the high season in end of July and beginning of August. And even then it is possible to find a room on the island even though it is a little harder during the rest of the year.

When on Ios you normally stay on one of three places. Either by the port, in the village or at Mylopotas Beach. There are other places too, like hotels at Maganari, if you like a more peaceful vacation. But the three locations above are the most popular ones. If you come to Ios Greece to party then I would recommend finding a hotel in Ios village as it is the center of the nightlife on the island.

Traveling to Ios Greece

Disco 69 Ios GreeceTraveling to Greece can be very rewarding. The weather is is warm and dry during the summer, perfect for some relaxing days on the beach. The Greeks are known for there warm hospitality and they are always very friendly towards tourists.

You can find cheap flights to Greece from most European countries. Fly to Athens for a visit to this antique capital of the Mediterranean sea. Visit the historical sites. Athens is also great as a starting point for anyone going island hopping among the Greek islands. Take the bus straight from the airport to the port Pireus where most of the ferries depart for the many islands.

One of the islands that you can visit is Ios and it is located about 8 hours away with a regular ferry or 3 hours with a high speed boat. The nightlife of Ios Greece is legendary and you will not be disappointed if you come here to party!

Resa till Ios Grekland

Byn på Ios i Grekland Att resa till Grekland är mycket populärt bland oss svenskar och det med all rätt. Detta land har mycket att erbjuda oss besökare oavsett om vi är ute efter historia, sol och bad eller ett nöjesliv som pågår dygnet runt.