Ios Callback

Ios GreeceWe are just back from Ios Greece and we can report that this season is looking really good. Lots of tourists are invading the island and the nightlife on the island is already pumping with life.

So to sum it up. We had a great time on Ios this year as always. It is an amazing place, that keeps drawing us back year after year. Would I recommend that you visit Ios Greece? Yes and read more about traveling to the Rock here. Ios is amazing!

Mylopotas beach is starting to fill up but you can still find sun beds without problems. Far Out Club is the place to be in the afternoon if you like to party and socialize with your fellow visitors to Ios.

The nightlife of Ios Greece is approaching full speed and most of the bars and clubs are open. The scene has enriched with a new night club called Pash that has replaces Shooters opposite Disco69. The new club is looking real good and I recommend that you visit it if you are going to Ios this summer.

This year we took a flight to Santorini and then the morning ferry to Ios. This is the fastest way to get to Ios. The ferry from Santorini to Ios only takes an hour. You can also fly to other islands in Greece and take the boat from there. It is easiest to find flights to Athens as that is the capital of Greece. From there you can either take the high speed boat, that takes less than 4h to Ios, or take the regular ferry that takes about 8-9 hours to take you to the amazing island of Ios. It is definitely worth the travel time to come here.

See you on Ios Greece 2014!