We’re going to Ios Greece

We are dreaming about summer, about going to Greece and visiting the beautiful island Ios! It is located between Naxos and Santorini and easy accessible from these islands and from the mainland.

The old town, Chora

An Alley in the Old Town of Ios GreeceI love walking among the narrow streets of the old town in Ios. If you hold your arms straight out then you can touch the walls on both sides of the alley. It is peaceful and quiet here during the day. The young tourists are either in bed sleeping or later during the day on the beach. You can go for a relaxing walk here then and only meet local Greek people sitting in the alleys discussing the smaller things in life. Enjoy this beautiful old town during the day, it is part of the true Ios experience, far from the modern hectic nightlife that has taken over this Greek island during the night. Ios Greece has a lot more to offer than just its nightlife.

Walking to Mylopotas Beach

The most famous beach in Ios Greece is Mylopotas Beach and walking there is easy. It’s downhill all the way from the village and you have some really beautiful views to watch on the way there. I have walked this path many times over the years that I have visited Ios and I’m still amazed by the view every time. Walking downhill to the beach is easy. Walking back up is a little tougher in the heat during the Greek summer. But it is possible and I always walk back up to the village after I have been to Mylopotas. If you do not feel like walking then there are buses running every 20 min during the summer months.

Love Ios Greece

Ios Greece is an island with two sides to it. It is a crazy party island during the summer months. But a quiet and calm little Greek island during the rest of the year. The nightlife in Ios is intense during July and August and a little more relaxed during June and September. But you can find peace and quiet in Ios Greece even during the hight of the season. You don’t see much of the younger tourist in the village during the daytime. They are either sleeping then or are on the beach during the afternoon. So the village is still and quiet during that time. It is not until after midnight that the nightlife comes alive and the village is transformed into one large nightclub.